You can sow already in spring. But you can also choose to buy small plants and continue growing them. Make sure there are holes in the bottom of the pots, otherwise the plants will drown.

Hydro grains
You always start with a drainage layer of hydro grains. These grains provide for water drainage, but also retain moisture so that the potting soil does not dry out.

DCM Potting soil for vegetables and herbs
Next, choose a good potting soil. Take DCM Potting soil for herbs and vegetables for example. Herbs and vegetables make high demands on the soil. They must be able to grow well and become strong and healthy plants, but the plants must also be tasty, of course.

Nutrients in potting soil
The DCM potting soil contains organic nutrients. Moreover, there is also seaweed calcium in the potting soil which ensures that the plants can absorb the nutrients well. Finally, it also contains trace elements. These are the extra vitamins for the plants.

Sprinkle the tray or basket with hydro grains. These grains ensure that the water is distributed more evenly. Watch the video for more information.