Chill spot
For a bit of lazing, hanging out, reading and listening to music, a few square metres are enough. A hammock or hanging chair is ideal for these me-time moments. You imagine yourself on a tropical island and before you know it you are dozing off for half an hour. And when it is time for action, it is easy to untie the hammock and it won’t take up any unnecessary space.

Another great hangout that you can easily move from indoors to outdoors or from sun to shade is a beanbag. There are beanbags that have a special coating for outdoor use, but don’t leave them in the garden or on the balcony in all weathers.

You can let your green thumb fly even in a small city garden. If you create borders and a winding path, you also give the impression that the garden is bigger. Small gardens and patios can be made greener by vertical gardening or by filling a number of large flower pots with perennials and annuals. You can even add a tree! This video shows the possibilities of a small garden.

You can also grow your own tomatoes, courgettes or herbs if you don’t have a huge garden. Have you ever heard of the square metre vegetable garden? vtwonen garden blogger Kristel explains how she went about it.